Is Gummy Shark safe? 2 dogs sitting next to  a bag og gummy shark dog treats

Gummy Shark for Dogs. Is it ethical? Is it healthy?

Gummy shark. Isn't shark endangered? Is it unethical to be harvesting it? And is it healthy for my dog?

The choices we make for our dogs extend beyond just their health; they also reflect our values and concerns for the environment. A choice that often sparks debate is the consumption of gummy shark as a dog treat. Unlike other endangered species of shark such as the thresher shark or the great white shark, gummy shark stands alone due to its sustainable sourcing practices and distinct nutritional benefits.

What is Gummy Shark?
Gummy shark, also known as flake, differs from its endangered counterparts in the shark family due to its abundance in Australian waters and the responsible fishing practices employed in its harvesting by suppliers such as Pitliangas Group where their flake (or gummy shark) is sourced 100% organically and sustainably from Australian waters. Unlike species facing endangerment, gummy shark populations are carefully monitored and managed, ensuring that their consumption does not contribute to their decline. This sustainable approach sets gummy shark apart as an ethical choice for conscientious pet owners.

Pitliangas Group use longline fishing as their preferred approach as they believe it’s more ecologically sustainable and produces catches of superior quality. 

Ties to the Fish and Chip Shop
Flake is a popular choice for fish and chip shops in Australia, and the off cuts from filleting the fish often include portions that are not suitable for human consumption due to their irregular shape or size. Rather than letting these off cuts go to waste, they are repurposed into pet treats, including gummy shark dog treats. This practice aligns with the principles of reducing food waste and utilising all parts of the fish. By repurposing off cuts into pet treats, manufacturers can offer a sustainable and cost-effective product while minimising waste in the fishing industry.

Dog treat manufacturers such as Treat Treat use flake offcuts to ensure that there is minimal disruption to the Australian Gummy Shark population, and reducing food waste ending up in landfill

Health Benefits
Beyond its ethical sourcing, gummy shark offers notable health benefits for our canine companions. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, gummy shark treats can contribute to a dog's overall well-being, promoting healthy skin, coat, and joint function. Moreover, many dogs find the taste and texture of gummy shark highly palatable, making it a favourite among keen chewers,

When considering gummy shark treats for your furry friend, what to look for is simple. Look for treats sourced from reputable suppliers who adhere to sustainable fishing practices and prioritise transparency in their operations. They'll tell you this on either their website product description or packaging. Avoid products that lack clear sourcing information or certification from trusted organisations, as these may raise concerns about the sustainability and integrity of the product.

Single ingredient is the way to go. Ensuring that no nasty fillers area added that are bad for your dog. We've recently become a stockist of Treat Treat, dehydrated single ingredient dog treats and we proudly stock their Gummy Shark Cartilage (Pepsi and Louis love it!)

Pepsi (right) and Louis (left) love the Treat Treat Gummy Shark Cartilage. The yummy taste and chewy texture makes for a very special treat.

By choosing responsibly sourced gummy shark products, pet owners just like us can support sustainable fishing practices while providing their dogs with nutritious and enjoyable treats. As ambassadors of both our pets' health and the planet, making informed choices like these demonstrates our shared commitment to a better future pup, parent and planet. 

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